Type 2 to Type 2 Coiled Cable for AC EV Charging

Brief Introduction

This is a mode 3 EV charging cable with spiral or coiled cable. It is used to connect an AC EVSE and an electric car. There are two types depending on what socket does the EV have: Type1-to-Type2 and Type2-to-Type2 EV charging cable. Thanks to the spiral design, the cable won’t fall to the ground in charging compared to straight EV charging cable.

We offer 3.6kw, 7.2kw, 11kw and 22kw for the Type2-to-Type2 EV charging cable. The cable has a TPU jacket. TPU jacket has many advantages. It works better in cold weathers and is more environment-friendly.


Additional information

Application Standard

IEC 62196-2


CE/ TUV (going through UL certification)

Rated Current

16A/ 32A, 1 Phase/ 3 Phases

Rated Voltage

210-250V/ 380-480V

Insulation Resistance


Withstand Voltage


Coupled Insertion Force


Mechanical Life

10000 times of plug in/ off

Terminal Temperature Rise


Withstand Impact

Dropping from 1m height and running-over by a 2 ton vehicle

Working Temperature

-40℃ 〰 +105℃

Protection Class

IP 54

Plug Case Material

Thermoplastic (flame retardant grade: UL 94 V-0

Terminal Material

Copper alloy with silver plating

Cable Material


Cable Length




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