About Eco Electric Co., Ltd.

Meet the Team

 Overseas purchasers are tired of low-quality products and low-efficiency communication. We want to be different. We set up the brand “ECO” in our pursuit of optimized production processes, ever-improved quality and efficient communication. We believe in winning customers by making everything simpler and creating value for them.

Product Advantages

The EV era is coming. As a manufacturer of ev charging products, we welcome customers to buy from us in bulk.

 Our wall chargers, portable EV chargers and dual-connector EV charging cables, EV charging adapters and plug holders can be sold on B2C platforms. Our EV connectors (Type 1, Type 2, CCS 1, CCS 2 and GB/T plugs, EV inlets and EVSE outlets) are one indispensable part for EVSEs, therefore are suitable for EVSE manufacturers.

The biggest advantage of our products is that they are elegant and cost-effective.

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Platform Advantages

We used to run shops on B2B platforms, like Alibaba, but the effect has declined seriously in recent years, so we need a website for marketing and sales. 

We also want this website to be a platform for sharing. EV-charging is a brand-new industry and we have much to share as a market player for 6 years.

You may get quotations from other Chinese suppliers. We can’t say our prices are the lowest, but we will prove to you we are one of the most worthy partner for you. 


Instant Response

If you are interested in us or have any questions, please let us know. We will reply to you in 24 hours. You can reach us 7*24 hours.

Bulk Shipping

We put our products in cartons which will be placed on pallets for shipping. Trucks will come to fetch goods from our factory.

Quick Shipping

For common samples, we will have them prepared in 3 days. A customized sample can be finished and delivered in 7 days.

Quality Control

We have different quality control procedures, for example, in-coming inspection, in-production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, etc.


Our products are TUV and UL certified. Our products are fireproof design and provide electrical safety for the operators and ev charging equipment users.


We use environment and human-friendly materials to ensure limited impact on our planet earth while providing people the biggest ev charging convinience.

OEM Available

We welcome customers to contact us for OEM services. Customers present their designs to us and we will turn them into reality.  You design and we manufacture.

Global Support

Wherever you are, you can reach us with just en email or a call. We would be very glad to help you with anything related to our products or services.

Purchasing Steps

Step 1: Send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form.

Step 2: Our sales will reply to you within 24 hours.

Step3: We will prepare samples according to your needs.

Step 4: You can place a formal order to us if you’re satisfied with the samples.

Step 5: We produce and deliver goods to you in the time as agreed by both of us.