Why does your electric car have less range in winter?

ev charging in cold weathers
ev charging in cold weathers

EV batteries lose range not because of how the cold weather affects the physical battery but because of the added power demands that come from operating the car in cold weather.

With recent cold waves hitting many countries, many parts of the northern hemisphere have witnessed extreme low temperatures. The severe cold has greatly reduced the battery life of electric vehicles. On the one hand, in recent years, auto companies have continuously announced that their electric vehicle range has increased significantly, but this is a far cry from meeting demand. In cold weather, the ev range is greatly reduced, as complained by electric car owners again and again. Zhong Shi, a senior analyst in the automotive industry, said that, domestically-made Chinese electric vehicles are facing this problem as their foreign counterparts. “

This winter is extremely cold. Take Beijing as an example. Since the beginning of winter, the city’s average temperature has been minus 5.2 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees Celsius lower than the same period in previous years. In such cold weather, the challenges faced by electric car owners are undoubtedly further magnified. Mr. Cao, the owner of BYD’s electric car who lives in Beijing, said that in previous years the power consumption in winter was only twice that in summer, but this year it’s more than twice as much. Mr. Cao believes that this phenomenon may be related to the particularly cold winter this year. “It’s okay if you don’t turn on the heating. The electricity will drop badly when you turn on the heating.”

Mr. Zhong said that “it is normal to see reduced range in winter. When the temperature drops to a certain level, the flow of ions inside the battery slows down and the electrolyte becomes viscous. This is a natural defect of the battery. There is no good solution from the perspective of the battery itself.”

European and American car owners are also facing this problem. The problem of shrinked battery life in winter not only troubles Chinese car owners, the US ev market is having this dilemina too. Battery life has become a big test for electric vehicles in winter! The cruising range of electric vehicles can be reduced by about 30% at low temperatures. In order to reduce the excessive power consumption of electric vehicle batteries in winter, the automotive industry is constantly developing new technologies. At present, many auto companies sell electric vehicles with winter equipment, such as heat pumps, battery insulation and preheating options.

Experts from the German technical supervision agency TUV Rheinland also suggested on the 9th that car owners can park their electric cars in the garage to prevent the battery from getting too cold. At the same time, drivers may wish to wear warmer clothes and have a blanket in the car to reduce extra power demands.

In any case, continuous improvement and optimization of batteries is the top priority of battery companies and car companies. At present, companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi are investing heavily in long-term strategies.

As electric car owners, we look forward to seeing great breakthrough in battery technologies.

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