German Type 2-to-Type 2 EV Charging Cable Project

cable stack

One day, we received an inquiry from one of the potential cutomers. They need to source Type 2 to Type 2 EV charging cables. As requested, we prepared two samples for the customer and sent it to Germany as fast as we could. After about seven days later, the customer received the samples. The customer tested our products, and was satisfied with them. The buyer was going to place an order to us.

After a week of negotiations over the prices and details of the order, we finalized the unit price with package cost included. When we thought everything was confirmed, we had the real problem.

The German customer had requested to affix a waterproof warning label to the product. The warning label, which was in German and English, had a fixed layout and sizes. We quoted with different suppliers of labels in the market and only one supplier was able to produce this label. When we got the warning labels, we tried to wrap the label around the product as a pre-production sample. But we found that the soft label, which had glue all over, could not be well attached to the round cable. We WASTED many warning labels in our effort to wrap just one piece to the cable neatly. For mass production, such a slow labeling process will seriously affect our efficiency.

We fed back this problem to the German customer. In the meanwhile, the purchaser in our team started to look for more potential suppliers who might provide us with quality stickers that were easy to attach. Finally, we found a label style that was easy to paste. We asked the supplier to send us some samples, and the designer from our team designed our version according to the supplier’s label with the content on the warning label included. We printed them out on sticky A4 paper, cut them and wrap one to the cable. And then the PP sample with labels attached and package included was sent to the German customer together with some samples from the label supplier and the printed warning labels redesigned by our team.

After a few days, the customer received the PP ample and was satisfied with our product as well as the redesigned warning label. By that moment, everything about the order was confimed and we could finally start producing the products for the customer.

Number of Team Members: 6

Project Amount : $85000

Person in Charge: Cathy Wu