How to Pack Your EV Charging Products?

For many buyers who try to sell ev charging cables or ev chargers on B2C portals like Amazon and Ebay, it’s hard to choose the proper packing materials for products.

All products shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse need to have their own stickers on proper packaging. Some packaging materials look cool but are not friendly to Amazon stickers. Some packing materials are cost-effective and friendly to Amazon stickers, but are that so smart-looking.

In Eco, we always offer different solutions to customers regarding product packaging. Generally speaking, in our factory, we offer free packaging, cost-effective packaging and high-end packaging.

Free Packaging
Some B2C sellers provide only simple packaging for their clients for best possible cost-effciency. In terms of free packaging, we put a number of products in a carton. Many buyers who prefer to have a dedicated box for each product but are reluctant to pay money on packaging will use a pizza box without print. This is a square box without print. We call it a pizza box. A sticker can be pasted on the box for product identification.

EV Charging Cables

Cost-effective Packaging
Some customers would like to have their own logo and company information printed on their product packaging but they may be strapped for cash. We offer cost-effective soft packaging for these customer. In our factory, we offer color boxes or cable bags as cost-effective packaging. Different from printless pizza boxes, color boxes cost extra money, usually around $1.6-2 per piece.

Cost-effective cloth cable bags, which we refer to as soft packaging, are widely used. Personally I like 1680D oxford cloth cable bag. Bags made of this material look shiny and are waterproof. The cloth bags can be round, oval, square or rectangle. For better protection of the product inside it, the bag can be stuffed with EPE (expandable polyethylene). A net pocket can be put inside for something like User Manual or Product Brochure.The bag can be printed with information on both the front and back of the bag. A cable bag costs around $3.5 per piece.

image 1
Cable Bag

High-end Hard Case
For some high-end customers, they prefer to use hard cases to home the products. A hard case looks smart and can be used for many years whether to home the ev charging product or other personal stuff. We have PU boxes and EVA boxes when it comes to hard case packaging. A hard case cost around $6 per piece.

image 2
image 2

How to Add Stickers?
Whether it’s a soft cable bag or a hard case, adding a sticker to the bag or case proves difficult. We have much experience in this aspect. If it’s a hard case, we suggest add a PVC bag outside the hard case. If it’s a cable bag, we suggest add a pizza box with or without print or a PVC bag with or without print outside the cable bag.

The buyer can put his company and product information on the hard case, the cable bag, the color box and the PVC bag. Printing information on packaging is always a way of economic advertising.

MOQ of each Packing Method
For a customized color box, the MOQ is 1000pcs. To customize a cable bag, 300pcs is the minimum quantity. When it comes to a hard case, the MOQ is 500pcs in order to add your logo or company information. As to PVC bags where the company information can be printed and where the Amazon sticker can stay pasted, the MOQ is usually 500pcs.

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