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In addition, for the owners of electric vehicles, how to prevent the spontaneous combustion of the vehicle and increase the service life of the battery? Here are a few tips, please check them out: 1. If possible, choose slow charging. If you use fast charging for a long time, it will greatly damage the battery performance. 2. Control the charging time. Generally, the battery charging time should last about 10 hours, and the preferable charging timing is when the battery capacity is 20%-90%. 3. Do not expose the electric vehicle to the sun for a long time. It is easy to cause damage and aging of the battery plates under high temperature and low temperature conditions. 4. Avoid slamming on the accelerator pedal when starting or having a manned uphill. 5. Try to avoid wading.
Home chargers charge the car with AC current which is converted to DC power by the vehicle itself. A Level 3 charger feeds straight DC power to the car, allowing the charger to recharge the car at a more rapid speed. Most electric cars are charged at home, but if an EV owner finds the state of charge indicator getting lower and lower while he is driving, a DC fast charging station can come in handy.
Manufacturers of ev connectors often sell their ev connectors with cables. In order to sell the Type 1, Type 2, CCS 1 or CCS 2 ev charging cables in Europe, the manufacturers will have to get their version of certificates. As part of the plugged cable, the TPE cables’ illegality in Europe means the manufacturers of electric vehicle connectors have to update their TUV or CE certificates too. Any one plugged or two plugged ev charging cable with TPE jacket won’t be eligible to have a TUV or CE mark if the manufacturer has got the TUV certificate updated according to “EN50620 2017/A1:2019”. So it’s important to check with the manufacturers whether they have got the latest TUV or CE certificates before buying TPE jacketed ev charging cables.
All products shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse need to have their own stickers on proper packaging. Some packaging materials look cool but are not friendly to Amazon stickers. Some packing materials are cost-effective and friendly to Amazon stickers, but are that so smart-looking. In Eco, we always offer different solutions to customers regarding product packaging. Generally speaking, in our factory, we offer free packaging, cost-effective packaging and high-end packaging.